bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

The most personal room in your home! Your dream   bathroom that’s high on comfort and personal style, but you also want materials, fixtures, and amenities with lasting value. With SolidAce ‘s help you can have both.

  1. Have a Finalized Plan!

SolidAce Construction & Development Corp. suggest that before ripping out the first tile, think hard about how you will use the space, what materials and fixtures you want, and how much you’re willing to spend. We recommend spending up to 2-3 months evaluating and planning before beginning work. That way, you have a roadmap that will guide decisions, even the ones made under remodeling stress.  

  1. Keep the Same Footprint

In your plan, keeping the same footprint, and locating new plumbing fixtures near existing plumbing pipes, saves demolition and reconstruction time and money. You’ll also cut down on the dust and debris. Make the most of the space you have. Glass doors on showers and tubs open up the area. A pedestal sink takes up less room than a vanity. If you miss the storage, replace a mirror with a deep medicine cabinet. Provide power outlets for accessories.

  1. Make Lighting a Priority

Make a bathroom more satisfying by having lighting designed for everyday grooming. You can install lighting for a fraction of the cost of pricier amenities. A well-designed bathroom task lighting surrounds vanity mirrors and eliminates shadows on faces:  

 For these bathroom task areas, we  recommends:

  • Toilet: 45 lumens (LED)
  • Sink: 450 lumens (LED)
  • Vanity: 800+ lumens (LED)
  1. Clear the Air

Bathroom ventilation is essential for removing excess humidity that fogs mirrors, makes bathroom floors slippery, and contributes to the growth of mildew and mold. Controlling mold and humidity is especially important for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and protecting the value of your home — mold remediationis expensive, and excess humidity can damage cabinets and painted finishes.

  1. Have Storage

Bathroom storage is essential! By the time you’ve installed the toilet, shower, and sink, there’s often little space left to store towels, toilet paper, and hair and body products. Here are some ways to find storage in hidden places.

  • Think vertically: Upper wall space in a bathroom is often underused. Freestanding, multi-tiered shelf units designed to fit over toilet tanks turn unused wall area into found storage. Spaces between wall studs create attractive and useful niches for holding soaps and toiletries. Install shelves over towel bars to use blank wall space.
  • Think moveable: Inexpensive woven baskets set on the floor are stylish towel holders. A floor-stand coat rack holds wet towels, bath robes, and clothes.
  • Think utility: Adding a slide-out tray to vanity cabinet compartments provides full access to stored items and prevents lesser-used items from being lost or forgotten.

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