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Efficient Use of Home Space

A great home space usage design is really important. Keeping in mind how the inhabitants of a home will use a space to its full potential is crucial in remodeling/constructing new homes!

Use your home space wisely!!!

Plan for foot Traffic: The ebb and flow of people and pets through each room is the first consideration with the use of your space. Using your space correctly by placing/planning furniture and appliances in such a way to improve traffic flow through your home, will let you enjoy all the potential your space has to offer.

Plan for Functionality: Room layout and its furniture should be conducive to however you intend to use it – the kitchen for cooking, dining, and entertaining, the living room for conversation, watching TV, or relaxing, and so on. So if your dining room is not working for comfortably eating a meal around the table, it might be time for a re-design or reorganization of the space.

 Plan for  Aesthetic: It’s important that you love to live in your home! Giving extra effort in designing a space to maximize its aesthetic appeal to YOU- the most important person who will use the space is always a priority! Even if the traffic through your space is fluid and the space is working for your needs, sometimes a re-design is needed so that you can feel happier in your home.  

Plan for Cost : If you may be remodeling or building, using your space efficiently can save you time and money. Multiple use of the same areas can be pleasing while taking care of traffic flow, functionality and aesthetics. 

If your home’s spaces are making it difficult to use your space to its full potential, Please give us a call SolidAce Construction & Development Corp. at Dr. V. Locsin Street Dumaguete City or call 035 422-9478,226-2880 and our team of experts can help  in your home design and remodeling needs.

design and build

You dream we design and build!

So how do we make you a dream home?  

SolidACE will set meetings with you and from those series of meetings the first concept drawings and designs are created from your input, your dreams, your desired budget.  We pride in our creativity and many years of designing and constructing homes for people.  

What really goes into making your house a dream home?

First thing you do!!!- Contact Us.

Have something in mind? A new home, or remodel an area of your current home? Contact us to discuss the details of the project, what you are hoping to change, and your budget. This gets get the ball rolling on the design process to speed you on your way to enjoy your dream home as soon as possible.

The Visualization part (STEP 2): Concepts/Designs & Drawings.

After we determined from your inputs what you want to make your house a dream home, the team at SolidACE will get to work on the concept stage – putting your dreams onto paper. For a Remodel, we measure your house to take advantage of all of the options. From our meetings and consultations, we will draw out some to-scale drawings and three-dimensional perspective views so that you can visualize your lifestyle in the new space.

Lets Evaluate!!! (STEP 3): Planning & Elevations.

We will provide you with preliminary CAD drawings and designs for you to evaluate and adjust for all of the finishing touches – home style, roof lines, the locations of windows and doors, etc.  A final re-evaluation of your plan and our design to make sure we are on the same page!

Let Them see your Plan! (STEP 4): Engineering & Plot Plans.

After we receive your revisions from Step Three, we’ll add them to our CAD drawing to present to our engineers for their technical calculations and code requirements. SolidACE can do the necessary plot plans required on the final Constructions Drawings for permitting. The engineers approve and stamps the structural drawings, electrical, plumbing etc… for permit requirements. Our team will help and guide your through the permit processing.

Ready,Set, Build!!! (STEP 5): Construction.

With everything ready SolidACE is ready  to transform your approved home design plans into reality! You will control your project, save time and money, and securely run your project with SolidACE.  

Please give us a call SolidAce Construction & Development Corp.  at Dr. V. Locsin Street Dumaguete City or call 035 422-9478,226-2880 and our team of experts can help  in your home design and remodeling needs.

tropical home design

Tropical Home Design Ideas

Being in a tropical country like the Philippines makes your options of home design simple. Back in the old days, people only wanted two things in home design, (1)A home that is dry (floods don’t get inside) and warm in the rainy season and (2) A home that is cool and refreshing in the brutal Philippine summer months.

  • Designing the house so that your bedrooms receive the breeze is a good idea and may save you from using air conditioning many nights.
  • A more open floor plan allows the air to circulate better throughout the house than closed off rooms.
  • Heat rises, so high ceilings are ideal for cooling rooms. In the Philippines, it doesn't cost that much more to make your room ceilings 10 feet high because the main difference is adding a few extra rows of concrete blocks.
  • Ceiling fans will help you to feel much cooler, especially in the kitchen. If you have high ceilings, you'll need extensions to drop the fan down so that the blades are at about 8 feet for the best effect. Ceiling fans don't use much more electricity than a A/C window type unit.
  • Window design should be as tall and wide as you can afford. This helps to let out the hot air as well as to let in the breeze. Bigger windows will also reduce your need for using lights during the day. Larger windows will add to the expense, especially if you plan to put iron bars over them, but weigh the expense against the extra comfort over time.
  • A wide roof overhang helps to block the sun from the windows and help to prevent the rain from entering. To try plan for a few windows that can remain open during rainstorms, to keep the house cooler. The weather can be very humid when it rains.
  • Have much green space around your house as possible. Concrete absorbs the heat of the sun and retains it for a long time. If you have space for trees on the west side of your house, they will serve to keep your house cooler in the late afternoon, the hottest part of the day.
  • Plan your construction to allow for runoff water from tropical storms and prevent flooding. It's a good idea to elevate your home one to two feet or even more above ground level. Make sure that your landscaping slopes away from your home, not towards it and ensure that the water has some place to dissipate.

Planning to build a tropical home? Please give us a call SolidAce Construction & Development Corp. at Dr. V. Locsin Street Dumaguete City or call 035 422-9478,226-2880 and our team of experts can help  in your home design.

gutter cleaning

Summer Home Improvement Ideas

Summer is fast approaching, in the Philippines this is a great time for doing home improvement due to the fact that the sunny weather is ideal for home repair/remodeling/painting etc..

Here are some Ideas that may help you start improving your homes.

Gutter Cleaning : Lets face it if your home is near trees, its most likely will have leaves,small barks in your gutter.Be sure to clean out your gutters or hire a professional. A project like this one might be simple enough to hire a local carpenter to do. A good gutter maintenance will help proling the life of your gutter.

House Painting  One great use of the summer sun is that its ideal for maintenance painting  on roofs and other areas in your home that might need repainting and/or specialize protection coatings to survive the coming storms.

Replacement Windows/Doors  If you’re considering installing replacement windows or doors, find professionals for projects like these early in the summer.   

Landscaping Improvements  Landscaping is another home improvement project ideal for summertime. Updating your home yard/garden no matter how small is an inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home. 

Have any home remodeling plans? Please give us a call SolidAce Construction & Development Corp. at Dr. V. Locsin Street Dumaguete City or call 035 422-9478,226-2880 and our team of experts can help  in your home improvement projects.


passive cooling design

Passive Cooling Home Design

To be comfortable, Philippine homes require some form of cooling at some time of the year (summer). There are many ways you can design or modify your home to achieve comfort through passive (non-mechanical) cooling, as well as hybrid approaches which utilise mechanical cooling systems.

The most appropriate passive cooling strategies for your home — including orientation, ventilation, windows, shading, insulation and thermal mass . Tropical climate buildings, which require year round shading and are subject to very different passive cooling principles.

What is passive cooling?

Passive cooling is the least expensive means of cooling a home in both financial and environmental terms. Some level of passive cooling is required in every Australian climate at some time of the year.

As cooling requirements are dictated by climate, distinctly different approaches to passive cooling are required for the Philippines where   hot humid  where  cooling is required

Cooling people and buildings

Factors affecting comfort for people (human thermal comfort) To be effective, passive cooling needs to cool both the building and the people in it. Evaporation of perspiration is the most effective physiological cooling process. It requires air movement and moderate to low humidity (less than 60%).

Radiant heat loss is also important, both physiologically and psychologically. It involves direct radiation to cooler surfaces. Conduction contributes to both types of comfort and involves body contact with cooler surfaces. It is most effective when people are sedentary (e.g. sleeping on a water bed).

 In cooling buildings, the efficiency of the building envelope can be maximized in a number of ways to minimize heat gain:

  • shading windows, walls and roofs from direct solar radiation
  • using lighter colored roofs to reflect heat
  • using insulation and buffer zones to minimize conducted and radiated heat gains
  • making selective or limited use of thermal mass to avoid storing daytime heat gains.

To maximize heat loss, use the following natural sources of cooling:

  • air movement
  • cooling breezes
  • evaporation
  • earth coupling
  • reflection of radiation.

Need advice on making  your home ready for passive cooling design? Please give us a call SolidAce Construction & Development Corp. at Dr. V. Locsin Street Dumaguete City or call 035 422-9478,226-2880 .